Alternative Education Specialists

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TripleSkillz is an alternative education specialist, developed to improve the lives and aspirations of young people who are not succeeding through traditional secondary education pathways.

In 2012, TripleSkillz was created through a partnership between professional sports coach, Graham Chambers and retired international boxing champion, Rendall Munroe to stop the flow of young people out of education through part or full-time expulsion by providing an alternative, based on the foundations and disciplines of sport where the individual is in danger of becoming another statistic.

How it works

1. Leave school

Students are either removed from Mainstream Education Completely or placed on a Part-Time timetable.

2. Visit Tripleskillz

Here at Triple Skillz we have created a learning environment to suit every learning style.

3. Choose a qualification

We work with students to achieve creditable qualifications.

4. Skillz Foundation

Once accepted and a positive outcome is achieved they will be offered the experience of a lifetime through the Triple skillz Foundation.

5. The next step

We have partner colleges/apprenticeships or work-based placements that we will help students move onto.

Looking for an alternative education programme? Visit TripleSkillz