With the needs and requirements of the individual person at the core of all we do, our projects, pathways and frameworks are created and followed, but very much open to deviation as the needs of the cohort require. Here are some examples of the kind of projects that Triple Skillz have run.


TripleSkillz exists to offer an alternative education pathway for 14-16year olds who have been part or fully removed from mainstream education. Our solution offers a classroom and sports facility-based framework, underpinned with a virtual classroom for study, coursework and submission. With an on-line parent and teacher area offering up to date feedback on the student attendance and attainment, the student and their support network will always be informed on progress.



Knowing what you want to be and where you want to go is never easy. For those who have not fitted into the traditional educational pathways, have potentially been part or fully excluded from secondary education or are simply not suited to that framework, we run projects to set goals and targets to raise their achievements whilst boosting confidence, self-belief and employability. We are able to help young people to create a unique, targeted journey for them to achieve their goals and move to a positive outcome, be that further education, Apprenticeship or full-time employment. Click the link below to read about XXXXX and their journey to XXXX with the support of TripleSkillz.



Sometimes it is hard to step out of the path that we are on, even if that path is leading to a negative end point. Many of the young people we have been involved with are involved in gangs, drugs, knife crime and a world that is hard to exit; through circumstance or geography, sometimes through bad choice. Our philosophy is that with the right support, anyone can change their path and re-route to a positive outcome. TripleSkillz empowers young people to make the right choices and to create a future they want for themselves. Click the link below to view our video interview with XXXX discussing their journey with TripleSkillz.



All too often, the response to a failure or a lack of confidence is an external attitude of ‘I don’t care’ which can manifest as confrontational, distracting and disruptive. Our team building projects provide opportunities for young people to work together towards a common goal, raising combined aspirations, helping them to trust others and to look for a positive outcome. Research shows that aspirations play a significant role in personal achievement. Working in a team is one way in which we are able to engage individual young people and, through shared goals, increase aspirations and self-belief, therefore positively effecting group and individual attainment. Click the link below to read about one of our latest Team Building projects.